Certificate of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union

The certificate of the Customs Union (Certificate TR of the TS) allows for unimpeded handling of goods within the TS. Due to the fact that the certificate confirms the conformity of the characteristics of the goods with the adopted norms, the process of overcoming bureaucratic delays is greatly facilitated.
These certificates are valid on the territory of the countries of the customs union: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan. Having the general rules for confirming the quality of products and the rules for issuing documents, they have full force in the territory of any of these five states.

The certification body ESC has a special accreditation, which allows to provide services for obtaining a certificate. Thanks to this, your products will be sold quickly and at much more favorable prices, which will open up broad prospects for development.

The certificate of conformity of the customs union is drawn up in accordance with the established unified list of goods. It clearly spells out all the requirements that should be properly implemented.
So, if the item is on the list, you must certainly confirm its quality. To date, the situation is such that the goods included in the Unified List are marked with the sign of the producing state. But by the time of the entry into force of the unified regulations it is assumed that this will be a common sign for all.
What does the certificate of conformity of the customs union give?

The undoubted advantage is the absence of the need to design separate delivery documents on the territory of the CU countries. If the product does not have a confirmation of quality, it automatically goes into a lower price category and, therefore, loses the possibility of development. Yes, and the purpose of creating a customs union was precisely to minimize the circulation of poor-quality goods.
Form of the certificate of the customs union (TR TS)

On the territory of the countries of the Customs Union, the general form of the certificate is in effect. It should contain the following information:

- data about the manufacturer;
- information about the applicant;
- reference to a technical normative document;
- date and number of the document confirming the passage of the product by the product of the prescribed tests;
- the name of the product;
- name of the organization that issued the certificate;
- an indication of how the quality assurance process was carried out.


Certificate of TR for the types of products

The certificate can be issued for such types of products as toys, clothes, footwear and other products for children, light industry products for adults, personal protective equipment against harmful effects of industrial factors, packaging and packaging, pyrotechnic products, cosmetic and perfumery goods, industrial machines and equipment, household low-voltage equipment, cables, etc.

ESC for several years successfully engaged in the activities for the preparation of certificates and declarations for the countries of the Customs Union (more about the declaration of TR TS). Therefore, in a few days you will become the owner of a document that allows you to freely trade in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.